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Auditions are officially open. We will be accepting self taped auditions from now until Dec 1st 2022. We will be filming in southern Ontario, Canada (GTA, Hamilton, Niagara) and being local is ideal but we will consider everyone. Please send videos or links to videos to You can find the character descriptions and script sides below.  Feel free to send tapes for one or more characters. Be sure to tell us a little about yourself and include your resume. 

Need tips on how to create a Self Taped Audition? Check out this YouTube. 




Alice runs a true crime vlog on YouTube called, “Alice In Murderland”, and thinks of herself as on online investigative reporter. She can be cut-throat when she’s on to a good story.




Fiona is focused and takes their show very seriously. She’s the driving force behind the show. She goes out of her way to present the image of a perfect relationship online and offline, and she has a tendency to push any unpleasantness down and try to hide it.




Colin is really just along for the ride. He started the show thinking it would be fun but hates that it’s become a full-time job. He has a lot of secrets that he hides from Fiona. He struggles to live up to the impossibly high standards Fiona sets for them.


Fiona and Colin are online influencers with a channel that focus on “relationship hacks”.





Marcus is a womanizing sleaze-bag. He has a channel where he teaches guys how to pick up women and often goes on long, misogynistic rants. He thinks of himself as the good guy and will lie and cheat his way out of any situation.



The Lurker treats his murders as something that has to be done. For him it's work, not pleasure.  Everything he does is calm and measured.  He wears his mask always and we never see his face. 

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