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Adam Jack's THE LURKER is an intense home invasion horror/thriller that is a cross between

“Saw” and “The Strangers”


“Instagram Influencers, Colin and Fiona, seem like the perfect couple to their loyal followers, but their relationship is put to the test when a crazed serial killer breaks into their home. Chained to their bed, the couple is forced into a sadistic game of relationship trivia in which honesty is their only way to survive.”


Adam graduated from the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy in 2003 and returned home to Canada as a young and industrious film maker. At only 19 years old, Adam wrote, directed, and produced a Teen Dramedy pilot titled, “4 Years to Life” and held a prom themed premiere screening in Toronto which gained attention from the Canadian television industry. Adam became one of the youngest members of the Writer's Guild of Canada and began working with CTV on the development of an hour long drama series, “Lost City”, under the Writer Only Program.  Since then he has developed many original concepts with several production companies including Barna Alper (now E1) and Epitome Pictures. Adam took a break from film and television to publish a graphic novel and comic series and is excitedly making his return with his debut feature film, Adam Jack's The Lurker.




Jerod Elliott is a Hamilton-based husband and father. He typically goes for more sci-fi fare but enjoys the occasional sojourn into horror. He's attempted acting a few times but this is his first opportunity to hop behind the scenes and get really weird.



David Harrington grew up in Smithville Ontario Canada. He has an IMBd credit for his work on the Lurker trailer as a film producer and acted in the project as well. David comes from a YouTube background. He owns and operates his personal channel Davids Diy Reviews. David is currently a creative control and actor for video content on the YouTube channel Turkstra Tv.



Ricki Gruenwald is a McMaster University and Ontario Tech University graduate. She has degrees in English and Education and has studied Linguistics, Film, and Theatre Production. Ricki spent many years working as an elementary school teacher before becoming a mother, and now focuses her time raising three daughters and editing screenplays. Born in a small town in Ontario, Ricki grew up reading stories and writing poetry. She invested much of her teenage years in the arts, performing in and stage managing theatre productions, and studying various forms of dance. Ricki continues to explore her passion for the arts and most recently developed an IGTV show showcasing local businesses in her community with her partner, Adam Jack, and participating in a community choir project during COVID-19 shutdowns. Ricki’s leadership, passion, communication and experience will be valuable contributions to Adam Jack’s The Lurker film. 



Kimi Valdivia is known for Grave Secrets. She is starring in the upcoming horror film Isleen Pines. She will also be in the upcoming New Fears Eve from Blood Moon Pictures.

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